A moment of Sanity…

The sun came out today and smiled it’s lovely rays all across our fair city. I had a moment of sanity and cancelled my evening client so that I had some time to spend with the man I’m going to marry in just a few short days. We hung out on the front porch in the evening sun, and opened up the house and let the Springtime air move through it. A friend of ours took some time during the day compiling a list of different wedding songs for us. We brought our speaker out on the porch and let the love songs filter out over the neighborhood. Our cats even joined us.

We’re in those final days of completely releasing what was old to allow for something new. We’ve both been married before and over the last several weeks we’ve talked about many different things from our first weddings; Vows, music, dancing.

Both of us come to this marriage with very different experiences in our first marriages. It’s nice to finally lay it all bare. To acknowledge the love that was and the experiences that we had– to be able to recount with fondness what happened before to allow for what is happening now. This man is without a doubt my single most favorite person in the entire universe (and yes, I have traveled it extensively). The closer we get to this day of acknowledgement, the more he allows himself to soften into our love. He is a practical, guarded, hold-your-cards-close-to-the-chest individual, whose intense emotional experience is not something he likes to externalize frequently. In the beginning of our adventure together I had to trust myself a great deal and rely on my own intuition to keep moving forward with him.

But trust myself (and him)– I absolutely do.

I know a good investment when I see one.


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